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LifeChangers Intl. is home to Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation and the First Step for Speakers Conference, both designed to train, develop and create platforms giving them access to opportunities for aspiring motivational and professional speakers.

We package our trainings, conferences and live show brands with the ambiance of Motivation and the excitement of Entertainment. Our events are educational, fun, engaging, and uplifting for those in attendance, which is why we have become known as, "The Mecca of Motivational Entertainment™!"

Kevin's Journey


I started receiving compliments on my speaking ability as I built my internet business.


I became a member of Toastmasters.  I was speaking every chance I got, not only at Toastmasters, but all over Sacramento. I started speaking for FREE at my high school for my former teachers. I made it a point to speak at least 3 times per week.

Speaking became my full time profession.  I began speaking for Monster’s “Making It Count” Programs, an organization that sends speakers to high schools and colleges across the country.


I was averaging 120-140 speeches per year.


Entered the Toastmasters speech contest, earned 3rd place in the Region.

I stayed the course speaking more in 1 month for different audiences than most were speaking in 6 months.

Thanks to the exposure from the Toastmasters speech contest, I was receiving a deluge of paid speaking opportunities.


I was asked to speak at corporate sponsor attended presentations for Monster’s Making It Count as the standard example of how to deliver their presentations.  I was also asked to teach and motivate their motivators on how to connect with youth audiences of 1,000 or more for Monster’s  speaker certification trainings.

I was hired as a Skill Path Seminar trainer and began travelling the U.S. and Canada executing 2- day trainings on the subject of “Communicating with Professionalism and Diplomacy in the Work Place.”


I spent the next 2 years speaking for Toastmasters, Making It Count, Skill Path, building my internet business and booking speaking engagements through word of mouth referrals.


I was ready to get serious about building LifeChangers Intl.  I joined Les Brown’s Speaker Network to gain the information I needed to take my business to the next level.   While I was building and learning, I continued to speak, speak and speak more…


I shared a stage with living speaking legend Les Brown in Kansas City for a 2-day seminar.  It was a dream come true to share the stage with the person that inspired me to believe that I had greatness in me.  Les Brown was an example that speaking for a living was possible for me.

As the #1 Making It Count speaker in the company (I was proud to earn this title 6 years in a row), “Making It Count” created a full time speaking position for me.

Within this same year, I had a conversation with living speaking legend Willie Jolley at a conference. Willie said it was time for me to step out on my own and build my own business. He told me I was ready, that I could do it. He was right.  We all need encouragement especially when it comes from people who are having massive success in the very thing that you have set out to do.  His words reverberated through my head for the next 18 months. I was actively bracing (preparing) myself to take a leap of faith. This picture was taken just moments after the life changing conversation.


This period was a whirlwind, I travelled across the U.S., Jamaica and the U.K. speaking, studying and learning from Les Brown. I had the rare opportunity to meet and learn from many of the personal development and motivational mavens during this time frame.

Speaking Highlight: I spoke at Bishop T.D. Jakes Potter’s House.


I launched the first Kevin Bracy School of Motivation, New Speaker Basic Training in Sacramento, California.  In this setting, I was able to see my dreams come to life by helping new speakers avoid the pitfalls that I had experienced early in my career.  The training was created to show them how to build a strong foundation for their own speaking businesses.

Later that same year I held my second School of Motivation while continuing to speak, speak and speak more.

Toward the end of the year I held the first “Your Time is Now Leadership Empowerment Movement”, an event specifically for college campuses.  The inaugural show was held in front of a packed house at Washington State University.  It took a lot of work, but was worth every ounce of energy I put into it.


Another vision came to fruition, the inaugural First Step for Speakers Conference was held in Los Angeles, California. My goal was to create a conference where speakers could come to be educated, empowered, entertained and enlightened about which “first steps” to take as they began building their speaking careers.

The third Kevin Bracy School of Motivation was held in Sacramento.  I continued to speak, speak and speak more while simultaneously building my brands. 

For years I had dreamed of giving my School of Motivation graduates a platform to show their stuff.  It was a show called, “Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam” that helped me figure out how to make it happen. The concept for Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation came from Russell Simmons’ show, he was an inspiration to me.  It is so important to have people that inspire you to think outside of the box! 

The first show was held and filmed as a television pilot on September 9, 2007 before a sold out audience in Sacramento, California.


Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation Show # 2:  A New Year!  A New View!  A New You! was another sold out show in Sacramento, California.

I held my second groundbreaking training conference, The First Step for Speakers.  This time we incorporated Kevin Bracy's Speak Up Speak Off Competition to give the speakers a chance to display their talent in front of a live audience as well as panel of celebrity judges.  It was our first attempt at making the speaking competition that we had thought about for so long a reality.  It was a huge success!) We also held Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation Show #3 during the conference; it was an amazing weekend and quite an accomplishment for LifeChangers Intl.!

Unbeknownst to me there was a television executive and casting director in attendance, the success of the shows resulted in my first verbal offer for a TV production deal for The Kevin Bracy Show.

Speaking Highlight: Spoke at Texas A&M - Corpus Christi

Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation, “New Speaker” Intense Training held in Sacramento, California.

I officially inked a written television production deal for The Kevin Bracy Show.

Speaking Highlight: I spoke before an audience of over 400 athletes, with 17 sports represented at my alma mater, the University of Utah. This was Utah's first 13-0 season, they were the only undefeated college football team in America that year.

Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation, “New Speaker” Intense Training was held in Sacramento,  California and incorporated Kevin Bracy's MonSTARS of Motivation Show #4 in front of yet another sold-out audience.

The first Kevin Bracy’s Brace Yourself and Do It One-Day Seminar was held at the University of Phoenix Sacramento Campus.

Speaking Highlight: Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers. I delivered 5 talks over 3 days in Chico, Yuba City, Oroville, and Redding.


Speaking Highlight: My first Keller Williams Realty speech - Elk Grove, CA Office.  I delivered a motivational speech titled: It's Gonna Be A Great Year!

Speaking Highlight: Returned to Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers to speak to the managers for their 2009 Kick-Off event.

Speaking Highlight: I delivered a speech for Martin Luther King Day to 1,900 students at Jackson High School in Mill Creek, Washington.

We held another First Step for Speakers Conference which included The Speak Up Speak Off Competition and Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation Show #5 in San Francisco.

Speaking Highlight: I was The Character Combine opening keynote speaker.  I spoke front of an audience of 500 coaches and team captains who had come together to learn about the importance of character both on and off the field.

Speaking Highlight: I spoke to PG&E Site Managers in 4 cities: Sacramento, Monterey, Fresno, and Pleasanton.


Speaking Highlight: I was honored to keynote my second Character Combine in Sacramento after earning a 98% speaker rating from coaches and players during my first Character Combine in 2009.  I was proud to be the highest rated Combine speaker. 

Speaking Highlight: I spoke at the Character Combine in Hawaii. 

Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation Show #6! This was our first attempt at the Red Carpet Preshow, it was a huge success! The show was oversold show, the evening was electric!!!


Speaking Highlight: I was the keynote speaker at the MillerCoors 2011 Sales Rally at AT&T Park, home of the 2010 World Series Champions. This was a DREAM COME TRUE for me.  My talk was followed by company contest, the winner had me come motivate their DBI San Francisco warehouse workers, followed by a corporate coaching session over dinner for the winning managers. 

LIFE HIGHLIGHT:  I completed my first half marathon as I prepared to run a full marathon to fundraise for a local high school.

Kevin Bracy’s MonSTARS of Motivation Show #7!  We held another Red Carpet Preshow and had an amazing show!

I released my book with CD, Greatness Leaves Clues, Kevin Bracy’s Top 10 Countdown.

Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation was proud to graduate class #10!!!! WOW!!! So grateful.

Speaking Highlight: I was the opening keynote speaker at the National Society's inaugural Leadership Conference held in Connecticut.

LIFE HIGHLIGHT: I completed my first marathon! I ran to raise health and fitness awareness and money for the youth of Grant Union High School. www.running4grant.com


April 2012
Keynote at The National Speakers Association 2012

April 2012
Inaugural MOTIVATE ME Saturday, the monthly gathering that "Puts a Pep in Your Saturday Step"

May 2012
Run It Forward. I was very small part of a 2,448 mile run across the country from Chicago to Santa Monica. We ran for a cause bigger then ourselves.

October 2012

Battle For Veterans Events

December 2012

Special Day to be asked to come back and speak to your Alma-Mater!

December 2012
Inaugural It Takes Guts Event with Les Brown at the Center Of Praise.

December 2012
Completed 2nd full marathon in inclement weather


March 2013
First Annual It Takes Guts Evening at Hawks Fundraiser

March 2013
Completed the Shamrock’n Half Marathon for It Takes Guts with my daughter, KendraJae

April 2013
MonSTARS Show #8..."Greatness In Leadership" @Cal State University San Bernardino Campus

July 27, 2013
MonSTARS Shows #9 & #10 "Chasing Greatness”

August 2013
MonSTARS Live Show #11 "GREATNESS In Me” – A show for foster youth.