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School Of Motivation

Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation is LCI’s flagship training. The birth of this training was the beginning of LCI’s shift from just doing speaking engagements to attracting people to attend our trainings, conferences, shows and seminars.

MonSTARS Of Motivation

THE Hottest Motivational Entertainment™ Show Period! MonSTARS is quickly becoming a family friendly Motivational Entertainment™ phenomenon. The energy of this show has been described as an athletic event melding with a music concert.

Speak Up Speak Off

We’ve sung to America, danced for America, lost weight for America, made America laugh, we have even modeled for America, now it’s time to MOTIVATE America with Kevin Bracy’s Speak Up Speak Off Competition for America’s Next Motivational Superstar!

First Step for Speakers

First Step for Speakers is exactly what it says; it is a conference where speakers come from across America to spend two nights and three days to learn the necessary first steps to begin their journey toward a professional speaking business.

Motivate Me Saturday

MMS is a casual, free, community event where people attend for 45 minutes on Saturday morning to get a positive message designed to encourage, empower and "Put a Pep in Your Saturday Step!"

Star Quality Speaker's Forum

Star Quality Speaker's Forum is a place for speakers to network and net-connect with one another. We have created an ambiance of palpable passion, positive energy, unconditional love and high hopes. Our goal is to help transform the aspiring, amateur and professional speaker into a Star Quality speaker by creating a forum of conversation that constitutes growth and encourages team work.


  • The From the Ground Up “New Speaker” Training is so powerful and life altering I made an investment to attend for the second time. The information you will receive from Kevin and his wonderful staff will propel your business to higher level. You will be forever changed emotionally and spiritually. I highly recommend that you attend Kevin Bracy’s School of Motivation From the Ground Up “New Speaker” Training. You will never be the same!

    -Dennard Mitchell - Co-Owner of Men of Visions World Wide, LLC

  • This training has taken me to a new level. Now I know I cannot and will not fail. I see myself standing before thousands getting a standing ovation!

    -Kimberly Hayes Taylor

  • Once again, you have managed to blow me away with an amazing training weekend (strong beginning)! The From the Ground Up “New Speaker” training is exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level. You showed me not only what could be done to accelerate my speaking career, but you gave me the confidence to do it! Your advice, enthusiasm and encouragement are absolutely priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you for pouring your heart into everything you do!

    -Katy Morgan

  • The From the Ground Up Training is the best training I have ever attended. If you want to take not only your speaking career, but your LIFE to the next level you need to get to a From the Ground Up Training. Kevin Bracy has a tremendous heart for people. He shares unique insight on how to get what you want out of the speaking industry. Most of all he speaks and teaches from experience, and not theory.

    -Quentin Whitehead – Co-Owner of Men of Visions World Wide, LLC

  • Kevin connected the dots for me. I had never had someone break the speaking business down the way he did before.

    -Joseph Smith

  • It’s hard to sum up this training as it impacted me in so many areas: professionally, Personally, emotionally and professionally. I’ve attended many conference but never taken away this much valuable and useful information. Personally, I felt a connection with Kevin and Jessica; I knew they were there for me and truly want me to succeed. Emotionally, I have freed myself allowing me to focus and enjoy this journey I am starting. Thank you for turning yourself over to us, business aside, I‘m a better person for having been there.

    -Brian Sharp – Go Big Consulting

  • Kevin’s training definitely lives up to his company name “LifeChangers”. I will never be the same. I had no idea how to approach the business side of speaking- No idea! Now I do. I am benefiting from his years of hard work. My career is going to progress at warp speed because of this experience. I have made friends and connections who have blessed me and who will help me to build my business. Thank you!

    - Tami West

  • Thank you for your continued support, encouragement and guidance in my speaking and consulting career. I made an investment for my future with Life Changers International. The “payback” on that investment has far exceeded my expectations. One of the excellent concepts you imparted to me is an understanding not just what to charge but what an event is worth to a client. I determine the answer to that and set my fees accordingly. I have been able to set my fees with confidence and a clear understanding of the ways fees work in the market place. I have been able to raise my fees to the $10,000 mark for corporate clients. I also follow your example of exceeding expectations with the events I lead. For a $10,000 client those expectations are high indeed. Here is a quote from a client from last week: “You would not believe the sustained excitement and energy that continues to flow out of your creative process facilitation last week! Thank you for exceeding our expectations on all levels.” Kevin, you are the best at what you do thank you for exceeding my high expectations.

    -John Handy, “the Innovation Handyman”

  • Over the past 6 months of coaching with Kevin, my career has begun to reach new heights that I never thought possible. Because of my decision to enroll in coaching, I have had 2 books published, have had the audience of Les Brown on several occasions, am filling up my speaking schedule, and was on stage with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For the Soul).

    –Dave Sheffield, The Shef

  • Kevin, as you know I have been speaking for a long time. However, the progress that I’ve made by virtue of my relationship with you has launched me beyond my previous years of experience! Not only have you impacted me as a speaker but even more importantly as a human being. The level of commitment, focus and concentration you were able to operate in; in spite of the challenges going on with Kobe was astonishing!! You my friend are a consummate professional. I’m proud to be under your tutelage.
    Your friend and brother,

    -Steve Duncanson

  • Kevin Bracy is a passionate person. He is passionate about the art and the business of motivational speaking and the new speaker. He has an expansive knowledge of the business and he is able to communicate it in a way the new speaker can understand and begin to apply to themselves.

    -Joelle Horner- Bold Life Inc.

  • It has been more than a pleasure having Kevin Bracy as my mentor, advisor, and speaking coach. He is tremendously astute, both in the craft and in the business of speaking. Within less than two months of working with Kevin, I booked multiple paid engagements. I directly credit my early success to the tools with which Kevin equipped me.

    -Trey Godfrey, Life Impact Worldwide

  • I love this! My life has been changed forever! You see, although I came with energy, I still had blockage! By being submerged into a group, dunked with love and spun around positively I was transformed into a motivational speaker. I now understand my calling. I now understand my vision; I also understand the business and industry. I’ve met the most amazing people and my DNA has a new genetic design! Thank you so much and may God continue to BLESS you and your family and friends.

    -Ronda “Serious” Sanchez

  • During my second month of coaching with Kevin, I was offered a paid speaking engagement and began a new life-coaching career that Kevin helped me dream. I shouldn’t have been surprised because when you work with Kevin, you’re moved off of your seat and into the life you’ve been waiting for.

    -Tara Brooke Watkins

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